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How Proper Ventilation Can Prevent Homes from Damage and High Energy Costs

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Roofing and ventilation are two of the most important aspects for a home to be healthy.  With roofing, it is crucial that there not be any leaks or gaps in between shingles or tiles. Ventilation can help keep your attic from becoming too humid and hot during the summer months- which could lead to mold growth. If you live in an area with cold winters, ventilation helps prevent ice dams from forming on the roof as well as help reduce condensation inside of your home. For both temperature extremes, proper ventilation will save you money (and headaches) by keeping your home more comfortable without having to turn up the heat or air conditioning excessively.

If you’re looking for a trusted contractor to inspect your home near Sartell, MN for proper ventilation, contact Aspen Exteriors to schedule an appointment today.

What is proper ventilation?

What do we mean when we say “proper ventilation”? There are three types: passive, ridge/soffit vents, and power attic ventilators. In a passive ventilation setup, there are no powered fans- it is just an opening in the roof. While you can have many large openings in your roof to promote good airflow for passive ventilation to work, sometimes snow falls into these gaps during winter months or rain drips in during heavy downpours. If this happens, it can be hard to determine where the water is coming from unless you are diligent about walking around your roof and looking for any leaks.

Passive Attic Fans

If you have all ridge/soffit vents, these are usually adjustable so homeowners can open or close them as needed to increase or decrease airflow depending on the weather. This is usually a good setup, but they may need to be cleaned out during the winter months if homeowners let the snow pile up on top of them or debris falls into them from trees around the home.

Power attic ventilators

Power attic ventilators, sometimes called whole-house fans, are common in cold climates as they will help reduce ice dams and condensation. Unfortunately, they don’t work in hot climates because they will actually make your home hotter.

Whether you go with passive or power attic ventilators, what’s most important is that you have some form of ventilation. The amount of ventilation needed depends on how often it rains during the summer months for your area- more rain means greater need for ventilation. Finally, make sure you hire a roofing contractor to help you install your ventilation system – getting the proper installation is much easier when dealing with an expert who knows what they are doing.

Roofing contractors are experienced professionals who have the right tools and knowledge to do a great job for your home. That being said, there are some things homeowners can do themselves if they’re looking to be more frugal- just make sure you know what you’re doing before taking on any roof repairs or installations yourself- it’s no easy task!

If you are in the market for roofing or ventilation, make sure to be diligent about asking any roofing contractors you meet (or hire) these 3 important questions:

1. Are you licensed? A license is your guarantee that they take their job seriously and will do a good job. If they are not licensed, they can do damage to your home and you won’t have any recourse.

2. Do you carry insurance? You will be responsible for any charges if anything goes wrong on the job- so make sure your contractor is insured so you don’t get stuck footing the bill in case of an accident.

3. Can I see your references? It never hurts to ask for a list of satisfied customers so you know who you will be working with and if they did a good job in the past for others. Most roofing and ventilation contractors can also help repair any storm damage that may have already occurred.

Consider the insulation in your attic

Another option homeowners can consider is using insulation in their attic to help cool the home and make it more comfortable. With proper ventilation, an insulated attic will keep heat out during the summer months when temperatures are at their hottest- meaning you won’t have to run your AC as much to stay comfortable in your own home.

Insulation is a great cost-effective alternative to expensive air conditioning systems- it can even be more environmentally friendly because you won’t use as much electricity to make your home comfortable. No matter what type of insulation you choose, make sure it’s working for you by checking regularly for any drafts or other issues that might make your house uncomfortable.

Seal cracks and leaks

Finally, homeowners should consider sealing any cracks or leaks that they find on their roofs. Cracks and leaks can let in hot air during the summer months and cause you to run your AC more often than necessary- resulting in high energy costs.

Sealant is a great way for homeowners to seal any leaks or other types of holes they find on their roofs without expensive repairs. It’s an innovative product that is inexpensive and easy to use for many types of holes or cracks you may encounter. Once you seal up any leaks or cracks, it will help your attic stay cool all summer long- preventing the need for overrunning AC units that can lead to major energy bills.

If you are looking to make your home more comfortable during the summer or winter, proper ventilation is key. Whether you go with insulation in your attic for comfort during hot summers or air sealing leaks and holes on roofs to help stay warm during cold winters, roofing contractors can be an invaluable resource- especially if they have experience dealing with these types of issues. For homeowners that want a cost-effective alternative to expensive AC units for their homes, choosing the right type of insulation could be just what you need. Windows should also be sealed up tightly when installing new roofing materials so no heat or cool air escapes from any cracks between window panes.

If you’re looking for a trusted contractor to inspect your home near Sartell, MN for proper ventilation, contact Aspen Exteriors to schedule an appointment today.