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The True Cost of Hail Damage

Storm Damage Hail

United Water Restoration: Damage From Hail, Storms Can Prove Disastrous

A Recent Hailstorm in Texas Caused Multimillion Dollar Damage to Property Across the Dallas Region and Disrupted Normal Activity of Residents; United Water Restoration Group, a Noted Construction and Repair Company in Florida, Highlights the Damage of Hail in a New Statement

Considering that hail typically comes in small sizes, people tend to underestimate the damage flash hailstorms can cause. These heavy stone-quality spheres of ice are known to smash windshields, impede transportation and cause massive amounts of damage to houses and other property. For many people all over the country, severe hail storms are a rare occurrence, but when they do occur, the destruction proves costly. A recent report from Reuters assesses the impact caused by a recent hail storm in Dallas, Texas. Florida-based repair company United Water Restoration is one that is noted for its repair services that address damage caused by several violent acts of nature. The company uses the Dallas hailstorm as an example to caution other homeowners about the dangers and expenses associated with such events.

Reuters reported that the damage caused by the Dallas hailstorm was widespread. Residents experienced broken windshields, air travel was delayed and countless roofs were damaged by the impact. Historical buildings, including the East Dallas movie theater, even faced destruction from the storm that is reported to be the worst hailstorm in North Texas since 2003. According to the Insurance Council of Texas, “The storms likely caused hundreds of millions of dollars in insured losses, and may even top the $400 million in losses from a series of tornadoes two months ago.”

According to United Water Restoration Group, the cumulative damage caused by the hailstorm and previous tornadoes is a perfect example of how no one can ever be fully-prepared for natural disasters. The company’s professionals have extensive experience in correcting damage caused by flood, fire and severe storms, like those caused by hurricanes. The company states, “It is hard to prepare for a natural disaster such as a tornado, but there are some steps every business and homeowner should take. They should always review their insurance policy to make sure they are covered for different situations, since some disasters require supplemental coverage, such as floods.”

While many in the Dallas area are most likely seeking repair and mediation from local repair companies, United Water Restoration Group offers additional advice to those who were affected by the recent tornadoes and hailstorm. It concludes, “If a business or homeowner is affected by a severe storm, they should have a reputable and licensed Water Mitigation Company assess the damages to their home.”