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Wind Driven Hail Hits Clay County, MN

Hail Damage Roof

BARNESVILLE, Minn. – A storm brought strong winds and hail to parts of Clay County on Thursday, while funnel clouds were reported in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, the National Weather Service said.

Dime- to golf ball-size hail fell between 8:15 and 8:25 p.m. about five miles northeast of Barnesville, while mainly half-inch hail was reported about 11 miles east of the city.

Winds estimated at 55 mph accompanied nickel-size hail one mile south of Hitterdal.

The weather service received reports of quarter-size hail and 60-mph wind gusts in Warroad. Quarter-size hail also was reported near Eldred in Polk County and near Thompson in North Dakota’s Grand Forks County.