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Danville, Indiana Residents Seeking Storm Damage Contractors


Storms pounded Central Indiana Thursday evening, leading many people to contact contractors Friday morning about hail damage.

Judy and Charles Jones, who live in Danville, showed Fox59 the damage they had after the storm.  They saved the hail and froze it in order to show their insurance company.  

“It’s unreal what it does.  I didn’t know hail could do this much damage, but I guess when it’s that big, it does,” Judy Jones said.

Jones said hail punched a whole through the arm rests of two plastic chairs.  It broke the glass of a small table.  It busted the bottom of a plastic trash can.  Hail dented a grill and Charles Jones’ truck and it messed up a camper, they recently purchased, among other damage.

“(The) windshield in the truck busted. Hail beat it to pieces.  (The) screen is busted.  Everything (busted),” Charles Jones said.

Charles and Judy Jones have insurance for damage like the one they had after the storms blew through. 

“I would hate to (say) a dollar amount on it.  I’d say probably $50,000 to $60,000,” Judy Jones guessed.

“You’ll have anywhere from gutter damage to damaged siding (and) roofing.  There’s also fences, damage like that,” Theaker said.

Theaker said the type of damage a homeowner may get depends on the size of the hail and how hard the hail is.  He said your best bet is to check what type of insurance you have. 

“The best thing to do is to consistently or regularly check with your agent about your coverage to review your coverage and make sure it’s exactly what you need,” Theaker said.

Theaker said people need to make sure they contact a company with experience and one that meets their needs.

Meanwhile, Judy and Charles Jones understand the process will be long, but they want to make sure they can fix and clean up the damage they have. 

“Make sure you’ve got insurance and keep yourself covered good.  (That is) all you can do,” Judy Jones said.

They said they have to keep their yard untouched until their adjuster arrives Monday.