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Storm Damage Repair: 5 Reasons to Avoid a Company Offering to Waive Your Deductible

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A storm has hit your property, and you need storm damage repair fast! In such an emergency, a storm damage repair company offering to waive your deductible may tempt you. This sounds great at first – and in the short term, it can seem like they are saving you money!

But is this really a good deal?

In order to make an informed decision about whether or not you should hire one of these storm damage repair companies, consider the five important points below!

1.    Waiving Deductibles Is Illegal

In many states across America, it is against the law for storm damage repair companies to waive deductibles. This is because storm damage can be a costly proposition, and it’s illegal for companies not to hold the homeowner responsible for their deductible in case of storm repairs.

If you are insuring your home or business for storm damages with an insurer who is not storm-specific, you will have to pay a deductible.

2.    You Can Get a Better Deal

If the storm-damaged property has insurance coverage, the insurance company might pay more than what was waived by the storm damage repair company.

3.    They May Use Subpar Materials or Techniques

Such storm damage repair companies offering to waive deductibles may use low-quality materials or techniques that will cause more problems in the future. For example, they might not correctly cover your roof with a new tarp and instead tell you to replace it when needed. This could lead to water leaking through an older tarp and dripping inside your house each time there is a storm.

4.    Repairs May Not Be Up to The Code

Most of the time, companies offering to waive storm repair deductibles are not licensed. This means they may not follow strict building codes and laws, meaning that you could end up with a house that is unsafe or has other safety issues.

5.    No Work Warranty

Not only is hiring a storm damage company with a deductible waiver illegal, but they often don’t do the storm damage work themselves and offer no warranty. This can lead to you paying from your own pocket for the storm damage repairs and getting no help from the company that waived your deductible.

The best way to avoid these issues is by hiring a reputable storm damage company that has experience in storm damage repair, offers warranties on their work, and will work with your insurance company to get storm damage repairs done on time.

If you reside in Salt Lake City, UT, and are looking for a premium storm damage repair company, we can help! At Aspen Exteriors, we offer storm damage repair services at NO CHARGE to you other than your deductibles. We are licensed contractors who will help you file your claim with the insurance company and finish exterior renovations without any hassle. Schedule a free inspection today!