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Insurance Companies Struggle to Keep Up With Demand in Blair

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Blair, NE- The sound of hammers replaced the sound of thunder across the Metro Thursday. Repairs are underway and insurance adjusters are tallying the damage.

A massive storm pummeled the city of Blair Tuesday night bringing with it baseball size hail. The costs are expected to add up, but an estimated $1.2 million in damage to the courthouse alone. It’s just one of a many places waiting to be fixed.

“9 windows blown out and then all the glass, it’s just, every time you turn around there’s glass.”  said homeowner

The side of  home took a beating and it’s not just the windows and siding.

“The roofs leaking already up around by the chimney there, it’s leaking.” said homeowner.

He made a call to a repair company. Now, he waits.

Homeowners  may be waiting for that repair. Adjusters are out in full force, but the sheer number of claims is staggering.

One adjust or KMTV Action 3 News spoke to says he’s booked through next week. And all those damaged cars are going to be sitting around awhile.

“People call Progressive, and they’ve already called the customer, but it’s just a call to let them know they’ve got the claim and they’re basically saying at this point it’s going to probably be the end of next week before they can physically come and look at the car.” said insurance agent with Blair Insurance Agency.

No rental cars are available and some people don’t have money to fix their cars, until their insurance company comes through. So for now, all anyone can do is help each other out.

Contractors are coming in from Omaha to help with the long road to recovery

More adjusters are expected in Blair Friday. Some of the bigger insurance companies are also expected to set up claim tents to get insurers in and out more quickly.