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The winter months can be a precarious time for roofing. With colder temperatures, rain, and snowstorms, roofs can easily become damaged.   So, if you’ve had storms in the past or are noticing signs of wear-and-tear, it is best to get these issues fixed now before they become worse and more expensive.   Here are some things...
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The lumber industry has taken a huge hit in the last few years, but it’s not the only industry that is feeling the strain. A survey conducted by NAHB found that over 90% of builders are experiencing shortages for appliances, 87% for windows and doors, and more than 50% for steel beams, insulation, roofing materials...
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Annually reviewing your homeowners' insurance policy can save you money and help protect you from financial losses. Consider these top four reasons to review your policy yearly.
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A good reputation is a critical factor when hiring a contractor. The contractor’s reputation significantly affects your project’s outcome. It is essential to know whether a contractor will deliver quality work and will be available to resolve any issues which may arise after project completion. In this post, we’ll discuss a few ways to ensure...
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Blair, NE- The sound of hammers replaced the sound of thunder across the Metro Thursday. Repairs are underway and insurance adjusters are tallying the damage. A massive storm pummeled the city of Blair Tuesday night bringing with it baseball size hail. The costs are expected to add up, but an estimated $1.2 million in damage...
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Large Hail
  The storm pummeled almost every community along I-70 from Kansas City to Granite City; producing nine tornadoes along the way. The storm is best known for it`s monster hail. Golf ball to baseball sized hail, propelled at times by winds in excess of 70 mph, shredded everything in the storms path. The damage… was...
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Hail In Grass
Homeowners in some states can expect higher home insurance prices and higher deductibles for wind and hail damage as some insurers try to adjust for record insurance losses from thunderstorms and tornadoes stretching back to 2008.   This year, The Hartford Financial Services Group plans to raise rates, increase wind and hail deductibles, and offer...
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Storms that moved through the Treasure Valley on Thursday afternoon and early evening pummeled a narrow swath of the region with huge chunks of hail. Thousands throughout the Valley were left in the dark. The National Weather Service in Boise said it received reports of golf ball-sized hail mainly along the Ada County Line, in...
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