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Does Your Roof Require Repair? Don’t Ignore These 9 Signs!

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The roof on any property is an area that remains under severe distress due to the weather and other elements. If regular inspection and maintenance are not performed, the roof starts to deteriorate quickly. We advise property owners to perform a periodic visual inspection of their roof from the ground. Since residential roofs are mostly slanted at a steep angle, climbing on them can be dangerous. However, a visual inspection is usually not enough; you should call an expert roofing company like Aspen Exteriors in Twin Cities, MN, to perform a thorough examination and report its condition so we can decide a course of action.

Here, we share nine telling signs that your roof needs repair or you may even need a roof replacement.

1. Water in the Attic after Rain

If you find water inside your attic after rain, check the roof. More than likely, you will discover leaky spots, which can be fixed simply by replacing some flashing, or it could be something significant like a deteriorated roof underlayment.

2. Increasing Energy Bill

Well-built buildings are well-insulated to keep the temperature steady and to avoid the loss of heating and cooling. So, if you find your energy bill increasing without an increase in usage, it could be the roof.

3. Deformed Shingles

If the shingles on the roof have lost their original shape and appear to be curled or cracked, it is a sign that the shingles are worn out and need replacement. Also, if shingles are lost, there’s no need to mention that replacement is due.

4. Peeling Exterior Paint

When moisture is trapped inside the roof underlayment or in the attic, it slowly causes the paint near the roof to peel off.

5. Discoloration of the Shingles

Shingles are installed to create a seal on the roof to prevent water infiltration and wind shears. When shingles are worn out, water may seep underneath; the moisture underneath the shingles causes shingles to appear dark and dirty, and it also causes roof base deterioration.

6. Stains on the Walls and Ceiling Inside the Building

If there are stains on the walls and ceiling these may be due to issues with the roof, such as seepage. In such cases, the moisture in the roof underlayment is often the culprit. A problem of this magnitude will probably require roof replacement.

7. Shingle Granules in the Gutters

When shingles made of composite material start to wear out, they slowly lose granules. These granules can be easily spotted in the gutters. So, if you see sand-like material, it may be the shingle granules.

8. Deformities in the Attic Structure

If the rafters or the deck in the attic are slumping downward, moisture due to roof issues is probably the reason.

9. Outside Light in the Attic

If you see light in the attic even though there are no windows or a skylight, you should be concerned. The only reason for this is openings or cracks in the roof.

If you are a property owner in the Twin Cities, MN, expert roofing help is in your neighborhood. Aspen Exteriors is one of the best-known and most reputable storm damage restoration companies in the country. We specialize in roofing and storm damage restoration in the Twin Cities Metro Area and Colorado Springs. Request a Free Inspection or an Estimate