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NEW ORLEANS – Hurricane Isaac was downgraded Wednesday to a tropical storm but continued to pound Louisiana with heavy rains and damaging winds. Eileen Blass, USA TODAY Heavy rains and strong winds whip through New Orleans on Wednesday, as forecasters predict the threat of major flooding will last through the night. Flooding in hard-hit Plaquemines Parish, about 10 miles southeast of New Orleans, forced authorities to announce they would purposely puncture an 18-mile levee there to relieve the strain as soon as weather allowed and equipment could be moved in. Airlines servicing Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport canceled all commercial flights for Thursday. Isaac started losing strength earlier in the day, and was carrying maximum sustained winds of 60 mph late Wednesday evening, the National Hurricane Center reported. As of 11 p.m. ET, the storm was located about 15 miles south of Baton Rouge and 70 miles west-by-northwest of New Orleans. It was moving...
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Storms pounded Central Indiana Thursday evening, leading many people to contact contractors Friday morning about hail damage. Judy and Charles Jones, who live in Danville, showed Fox59 the damage they had after the storm.  They saved the hail and froze it in order to show their insurance company.   “It’s unreal what it does.  I didn’t know hail could do this much damage, but I guess when it’s that big, it does,” Judy Jones said. Jones said hail punched a whole through the arm rests of two plastic chairs.  It broke the glass of a small table.  It busted the bottom of a plastic trash can.  Hail dented a grill and Charles Jones’ truck and it messed up a camper, they recently purchased, among other damage. “(The) windshield in the truck busted. Hail beat it to pieces.  (The) screen is busted.  Everything (busted),” Charles Jones said. Charles and Judy Jones have insurance for damage like the...
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Hail Damage Roof
BARNESVILLE, Minn. – A storm brought strong winds and hail to parts of Clay County on Thursday, while funnel clouds were reported in northeastern North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, the National Weather Service said. Dime- to golf ball-size hail fell between 8:15 and 8:25 p.m. about five miles northeast of Barnesville, while mainly half-inch hail was reported about 11 miles east of the city. Winds estimated at 55 mph accompanied nickel-size hail one mile south of Hitterdal. The weather service received reports of quarter-size hail and 60-mph wind gusts in Warroad. Quarter-size hail also was reported near Eldred in Polk County and near Thompson in North Dakota’s Grand Forks County.
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Storm Damage Hail
United Water Restoration: Damage From Hail, Storms Can Prove Disastrous A Recent Hailstorm in Texas Caused Multimillion Dollar Damage to Property Across the Dallas Region and Disrupted Normal Activity of Residents; United Water Restoration Group, a Noted Construction and Repair Company in Florida, Highlights the Damage of Hail in a New Statement Considering that hail typically comes in small sizes, people tend to underestimate the damage flash hailstorms can cause. These heavy stone-quality spheres of ice are known to smash windshields, impede transportation and cause massive amounts of damage to houses and other property. For many people all over the country, severe hail storms are a rare occurrence, but when they do occur, the destruction proves costly. A recent report from Reuters assesses the impact caused by a recent hail storm in Dallas, Texas. Florida-based repair company United Water Restoration is one that is noted for its repair services that address damage caused by several...
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Hail On Roof
A strong line of thunderstorms swept through Oshkosh Monday evening, bringing hail and wind gusts reaching near 60 mph. The storm left more than 8,500 without power, a number reduced to about 160 as of 7:30 a.m. Tuesday in the 54902 and 54904 zip codes, according to Wisconsin Public Service. There were no immediate reports of major damage, but firefighters responded to several calls of homes struck by lightning or by trees that were downed by high winds. The fire reports turned out to be false alrams, according to the fire department. One residence in the Town of Clayton did start on fire after being struck by lightning, but Town of Clayton Fire crews were able to control the fire. The house received minor smoke damage, said Winnebago Sheriff”s Lt. Joe Kronke. Temperatures dropped from 94 degrees at 5 p.m. to 66 degrees at 8 p.m. Jeff Last from the National Weather Service in Green...
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